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custom doctoral regalia

Custom doctoral robe.
White velvet with gold piping.



doctoral gown

Ed.D. doctoral gown.
Black velvet with lt blue piping on gown.
Lt. blue velvet with matching piping on hood.





Custom Doctoral Regalia


academic regalia Academic Regalia Depot ... Finest Academic Graduation Regalia, and Personalized Customer Service


We offer custom made doctoral and PhD gowns and robes, as well as Tams and academic graduation hoods.


Our deluxe style Doctoral Robes is available with black velvet (doctoral robe style) or with Ph.D. blue velvet (Ph.D. robe style). Both of these styles are generally in stock for immediate shipment, and also normally in stock with gold piping.

If you wish to customize your gown even more, you can change the fabric, vevet color or piping color, as shown in many of the examples on our site, or you can design your own gown:

By default the gown velvet shown below matches whichever color you select for your hood velvet, but you can change that by simply unchecking the box and picking a different color gown velvet.





Gown Gown Fabric Color Hood / Degree Velvet Gown Velvet for Front Panels of Gown Gown Sleeve velvet Piping


Prices for customizing gowns can be found on our doctoral regalia order form.

Generally speaking, customizaiton takes about 8 weeks, however if you are in a rush, we can probably send you a loaner gown while the custom doctoral robe is being made. Then when the custom doctoral gown is ready, it will be sent to you, and you can return the loaner gown. There is no charge for this service.

Velvet Tams and /or mortarboards may be worn with our gowns.

Mortarboards are available at no charge (with purchase of gown), however most Faculty members purchase Tams.

Doctoral Tams are $92.00 with the gold bullion Tassel; or $78.50 with the silky Tassel. Tams are available in choice of four-sided; six-sided; or 8-sided models. Black doctoral Tams are generally IN STOCK in all sizes for immediate shipment.

When ordering a tam, we will need to know your head size (or hat size), whether you want a 4 sided; 6 sided; or 8 sided tam, and which Tassel you want with it.

Doctoral Tams can also be special made in other than black velvet (i.e. PhD Tams using PhD blue velvet to match the blue velvet on our deluxe PhD gowns) for $20.00 additional.

We also make custom Academic Graduation Hoods - PhD hoods and doctoral hoods for all degrees (Ed.D.; J.D.; M.D.; D.Sci; D.Div; etc).

The cost for a deluxe hood is $130.00

When ordering an academic hood, please be sure to include your degree (so we'll know which color velvet to use) and which school you graduated from. Also please include the location of your school, since often times, the school colors may vary within the same university, between one campus and another.

If you are ordering a gown with piping, you may wish to add piping to your hood as well.

The cost for a deluxe doctoral hood with piping is $145.00


phd hood


Although most hoods are made to order (and therefore take +/- 8 weeks to make), if you need to wear your regalia sooner than that, we may be able to send you a loaner hood together with your Cap and Gown that you can wear until you receive your real hood. This way, you'll have a complete set of doctoral regalia right away, to save you the expense of renting. Then when your real doctoral hood arrives, just send us back the loaner hood.

For more information about our doctoral regalia e-mail us

or you can order online at

Or call us 412-422-GOWN (412-422-4696)
Or USA call toll free 800-788-9336
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